Bringing Hope Building Resiliency

Headwaters seeks to inspire passion to serve others. We forge connections between those who are being served, the Headwaters team and the community at large. We work to ensure that every volunteer, regardless of age, background, skills, or experience, feels valued and motivated to continue to serve others.

Supporting Our Community In These Unprecedented Times.

Asha “आशा” (Hope)

We are creating a doll with support from Positively Perfect that looks like little girls in these countries. These dolls will be taken by Headwaters to Nepal and India as part of an educational campaign that focuses on empowerment and supporting girls to continue their education.

Our Books

We are happy to share that we have updated and revised our coloring book When We All Stayed Home, based on the valuable feedback we received. When We All Wore Masks helps to explain Coronavirus to children and teach health, safety, and coping skills.

Headwaters’ After School Support Program

We have officially started our Headwaters’ After School Support Program in Ninth Ward of New Orleans, to coincide with the start of the New Orleans academic school year.

Supporting Ukraine

Headwaters Relief Organization has been working with global partners and Non-Governmental Organizations providing support to refugees seeking shelter as a result of the war in Ukraine. We have volunteers here working on materials to support these efforts.

  • We are creating therapeutic children’s’ activities to support the children who are evacuees.  We have had multiple requests from NGOs to assist with this.
  • We have adapted a children’s book from our previous work with refugees to support the processing of emotions and the development of coping skills related to understanding what they are currently experiencing.
  • We have also been asked to adapt our psychosocial materials for people supporting the refugees to address compassion fatigue and the high risk of trafficking at this time.


Please let us know if you have questions or if you wish to assist us in these efforts. You may contact us at You may also donate to Headwaters Relief Organization.

Our Mission

Grassroots to Global Impact

Headwaters Relief Organization grew out of a grassroots response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since then we
have evolved and diversified. Our early efforts included assisting with clean-up and re-building of homes locally and nationally. Today our services have expanded to include public health, education, psychosocial and medical support and international responses.

Our Impact & Initiatives

Working Alongside Communities to Rebuild and Recover

Public Health

Headwaters Relief Organization contributes to addressing public health issues for the most needy and underserved populations of the world. Our teams of volunteers include experts in public health. medical care, psychosocial support, re-building and engineering. We respond to immediate needs as well as provide long term support.

Medical Support

Headwaters is committed to helping people access medical care. Whether educating people in disease prevention or public health awareness, our team is here to help. Our volunteers have worked with us to provide free clinics in Haiti, Greece and Nepal. Our agile team is dedicated to helping people improve the health of their communities following a disaster.


In all of our work, Headwaters is culturally sensitive to each country’s values and beliefs. We have developed respectful strategies that allow us to provide education and support, enabling communities to build capacity through training of community members. Training is focused not only on disaster response, but on the development of techniques that are specific to developing resiliency.

Global Response

Building Stronger Communities, Building Resilience Together

Headwaters volunteers have provided disaster relief across Minnesota, throughout the United States and around the world including the Philippines, Haiti, Greece, Liberia, and many other places affected by disaster.

Let’s Do This Together

Volunteer With Us

Whether you are on the ground or behind-the-scenes, by becoming a Headwaters volunteer you will be making a difference in the lives of people recovering from natural disasters. As a grassroots disaster relief organization, Headwaters welcomes people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to be a part of our team.


Disaster victims have varying degrees of options for self-recovery. Those with the fewest resources are often left without the emotional and physical means to rebuild and restart their lives. Financial contributions enable the most vulnerable victims of natural disasters to rebuild their lives — from purchasing supplies for schools in Haiti to creating a book to help the children of the Philippines understand their feelings.

Partner With Us

Headwaters is seeking to find new strategic partners and ideas for fundraising and recruiting volunteers. It is the vision of our board that we convey the message to all businesses and persons, that Headwaters is founded on the premise that it is an organization that exists to provide an opportunity for people to give and volunteer and to have more direct and hands on involvement. Contact us to learn more about corporate partnerships.

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