Headwaters Relief Organization’s Fight Against Coronavirus

More than a year later, there are still unanswered questions as well as more to learn about the coronavirus. Globally, scientists are in a race to develop, manufacture and provide vaccines to people. States and Public Health Departments are rolling out vaccines to all who are willing to take them in this Country. The smartest practices continue to be to follow these simple principles: wash your hands, practice “safe” distancing and wear a face mask.

The impact of the disease has been universal. Within a span of a few months COVID-19, a Coronavirus infection, managed to spread to more than 188 countries and regions, with more than 670,000 confirmed deaths through the end of July, 2020 (Johns Hopkins). No race, gender or socioeconomic group has been exempt and communities of fewer resources are being hit the hardest. While families are struggling to take care of their frail and elderly and managing to home school their children, nations are straining to save their economies from recessions, their health care systems from collapsing.

Headwaters Relief Organization has been with you from the very beginning and will continue to strongly support sound public health measures. Our efforts to improve the general health of the public are more critical than ever. We created multiple opportunities to help you and our community and with your help and that of our volunteers, we keep growing stronger, together!

COVID-19 Coloring Book

Our story books are based on an understanding that, resilience while complex, can be fostered and developed through strategies and active engagement. Through stories told in their own languages, a powerful trigger of wanting to know more and an acknowledgment of their current situation is addressed. The book along with the caregivers’ guide focus not only on disaster response, but on the techniques that are supportive to grow and learn from unexpected traumatic events.

Training on how to use the book has been designed to be applicable to caregivers with any background from the community. These books do not require any prior mental health training or specialized professional background to be used effectively. All caregivers receive this training prior to the distribution of the books. These sessions also focus on avoiding any potential trauma that might develop in a post disaster fragile mindset of the children and community.

When We All Wore Masks

When We All Wore Masks helps to explain Coronavirus to children and teach health, safety, and coping skills. The story in the coloring book is used to promote resilience and teach safety measures like wearing a mask, washing your hands, and covering your mouth. At the end of the coloring book, there are tips and tools for caregivers to assist with talking to your child about the coronavirus and coping techniques

When We All Wore Masks would not have been possible without the support of the Isa Foundation. The Isa Foundation focuses on volunteer opportunities and financial support to organizations that share their mission of creating healthy nutrition and support for underserved children, wellness education for all, and aid for those affected by natural disasters, and the pursuit of racial equality

When We All Stayed Home

We have created a children’s coloring book, When We All Stayed Home, to help explain the COVID-19 and to assist children and families process their feelings and cope with the uncertainty of this time.

Our coloring book was widely received. It was the first time we created a coloring book; and we asked for a donation. There were 5,000 books in the first printing, half of which were offered for a donation of $5 each. For each donation of $5.00, we were able to donate a book to another child/family.

Because of your help, our books have already reached 46 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and internationally to 4 countries. We had more books donated than purchased and are receiving more requests.

book. This time, we have translated the book into Spanish to better support communities with Spanish as their primary language.

Our other efforts, Mask sewing, Phone Pal program and Home School Assistance Program are still ongoing. Thank you everyone who made those beautiful and colorful face masks. We were able to distribute them to front line workers when there was a scarcity of masks in the market. Now with mandatory statewide mask requirements, it has been helpful to have a large supply.

Thank you all for helping us create opportunities to help families and our communities. A special note of thanks to our Headwaters team members who have been working day and night to create these opportunities for all.

Current Opportunities

Please join us in supporting our communities. Here are some additional ways you can contribute


Headwaters Relief Organization Every dollar you contribute to Headwaters Relief Organization will go to those we serve.


Can you sew? Is your sewing machine gathering dust? Then you can contribute directly to the forefront of our global battle against this virus by making face masks.


Home schooling can be very stressful; and not everyone is a teacher. Are you someone who can assist parents with school subjects or are you a parent in need of some assistance?

100% of your donation goes directly to those we serve.

Headwaters Relief Organization’s volunteers have been creating children’s books to help children, families and communities in the aftermath of disasters since 2010. Our books assist children in response to earthquakes, typhoon, hurricanes, the refuge crisis, trafficking and the EBOLA crisis.

Headwaters relief Organization is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit. We are members of Minnesota Volunteer Organization Active in Disaster (MN VOAD), National VOAD and InterAction.

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