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There is much more to be done. New emergencies will always unfold somewhere in the world. As in the case in any disaster, the poor and needy will be the hardest hit. Our job is to remain prepared. There will always be a call for local, national and international disaster work.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, donors, friends and families. We have been both humbled and inspired by your unprecedented contributions.


Whether you are on the ground or behind-the-scenes, by becoming a Headwaters volunteer you will be making a difference in the lives of people recovering from natural disasters. As a grassroots disaster relief organization, Headwaters welcomes people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to be a part of our team.


The need has never been greater. Headwaters Relief Organization is responding, directing volunteers and donations to the many ongoing requests for support, bringing hope and building resiliency. It is with your donations that Headwaters is able to organize ongoing relief operations both domestically and internationally. Donations from our supporters have raised funds for projects in the US, Haiti, Greece, and many more countries.

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