The Night Our World Shook

The Night Our World Shook was created following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria in February 2023. Over 50,000 lives were lost and over 15 million people were affected. This book for children is similar to other books in the series of books about natural and human-made disasters as it addresses a traumatic event. The children in this story describe their experience and learn what do to when an earthquake happens. They also learn that talking to adults and processing their feelings will help them feel better. The development of resiliency and coping skills is reflected in their desire to teach other children about what to do in an earthquake.

The section in this book for adults is designed to teach parents what physical and emotional reactions children may have after a traumatic event. Adults are advised to assist children by sharing their own feelings about the disaster and by listening to the children’s fears and concerns.

This book was distributed to children and adults who experienced the Turkey earthquakes. Although the books are written for children, they are a tool for parents and caregivers to explore their own reactions and feelings and to assist the children in coping.

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