Public Health

Public Health Education

Headwaters has worked to develop and provide public health education from handwashing and toothbrushing to programs that teach preventative strategies for malaria, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, and Zika.

Protecting and Improving The Health Of People And Their Communities

Public health is the science of dealing with the health of a population through education, disease prevention, health policies and innovative research. Public health is the art of improving the quality of life of a population, small or large, rural or urban, through early detection and disease prevention. Public health encompasses overall physical and mental health conditions, and the promotion of healthy behavior. Public health is broad and complex and comprises a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating recent advances in medical care, epidemiology, information technology, biostatistics and health services.

Headwaters Relief Organization contributes to addressing public health issues for the most needy and underserved populations of the world. Our teams of volunteers include experts in public health. medical care, psychosocial support, re-building and engineering. We respond to immediate needs as well as provide long term support.

Sustainable Goals

For A Better Tomorrow

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Headwaters has provided mental health trainings, in the Philippines, Nepal, Haiti, Liberia, Puerto Rico, Sierra Leone, St Johns. Providing mental health training promotes awareness by enabling communities to support themselves.

Disease Prevention

We partnered with SC Johnson and local NGO’s to distribute bug spray to people in areas at risk for contracting Zika and other vector borne illnesses.

Raising Awareness

Headwaters partnered with artist JR and the Inside Out Project to bring awareness to the Somali Immigrant community in Minneapolis showcasing the personalities, sacrifices, creativity, hard work, and patriotism that define this dynamic and growing community.


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