Some communities consider 2019 a year of revitalization, while other communities experienced it as a year of devastation. Disasters affecting communities include tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and man-made disasters that create trauma. Headwaters recognizes a community in need; and together with its long list of volunteers, donors, and partners, this awareness quickly evolves into action.

Headwaters began in 2005, out of a grassroots response to Hurricane Katrina. In 2010, after Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake, Headwaters expanded internationally. Headwaters continually evolves and diversifies its efforts, forging connections between those being served, the community at-large, and the Headwaters team. Headwaters provides public health, psychosocial, medical and educational support and clean-up and re-building in partnership with others.

Reflecting on 2019, Headwaters recognizes the rapid success within various sectors of the organization – much of which is owed to its volunteers, donors, and partnerships. Whether they’re on the front line, or behind the scenes, Headwater’s volunteers, donors, and partners make a significant difference in the wellbeing of people affected by disasters. Many of these people are left with little or no resources and are often left without the emotional and physical means to rebuild their lives. Volunteers include the internal staff at Headwaters, Zenith, Orion, Orion ISO, and Meridian, and the generous people of the community and their friends and family. Donors financially contribute, rebuilding the lives of people impacted by disasters. Contributions have been applied towards numerous objectives, such as providing children with school supplies, and funding the publication of a series of children’s book. Headwaters is proud of our accomplishments and grateful for all of the support we receive