Headwaters Relief Organization took two teams to Wadena, Minnesota in June to assist with the recovery after the destruction of the June 17th tornado.

The first trip took place on Thursday, June 24th. The Headwaters Volunteers arrived at the designated staging area in Wadena to sign in and get assignments. Those responsible for assigning volunteers were very organized and had lunches and clean-up supplies ready to be used. The Headwaters Volunteers took a bus to a farm in Parkers Prairie, about thirty-five minutes south of Wadena. The family living there had three turkey barns that had been completely demolished from the tornado. Other volunteers had already picked up most of heavy pieces of building material, so the Headwaters Volunteers’ task was to pick up all the insulation and small pieces of debris in the bean and alfalfa fields so the machinery could come through at harvest time. This was the third time this family has been hit by a tornado. They were extremely appreciative for all the help.

The second trip took place on Tuesday, June 29th. The Headwaters Volunteers worked in the Wadena County fairgrounds. The fairgrounds had lost seven buildings and there was debris everywhere. The Headwaters Volunteers spent the day picking up pieces of wood, metal, insulation and other random items that were strewn about putting them in thir respective piles so the trucks could remove the debris. Rebuilding of the fairgrounds was already under way, with the goal of having the county fair there on July 29th, 30th and 31st.

Headwaters Relief Organization wants to thank all of the volunteers for their good will and hard work!

Donations to the Headwaters Relief Organization can be made payable to the Headwaters Relief Organization Fund, and all donors will receive a charitable tax deduction receipt in the mail. In order to donate, please contact Cheryl Vennerstrom, at 763-450-5007, or e-mail her at cvennerstrom@orionassoc.net.

All tax deductible donations to the Headwaters project should be made to the:
Headwaters Relief Organization Fund
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Headwaters Relief Organization
Wadena, Minnesota Project Volunteers
June 24, 2010
Gina Guggisberg, Mike Hardy, Ruby Queen, Elizabeth Swanson, Jeni Swanson

June 29, 2010
Jennifer Fischer, Gina Guggisberg, Mike Hardy, Jessica Jindra, Kallen Kenyon, Missy Schraut, Patty Smith, Elizabeth Swanson