Twelve Headwaters Relief Organization volunteers traveled to Haiti from July 17th through the 24th. The volunteers’ described their experiences as memorable and life changing as they saw that there was so much need in Haiti and so few resources to meet those needs.

Of all that the volunteers saw and did, what stood out for them were the unmet needs of the children. On their first day in Haiti, they went to “Johnny’s orphanage.” With very limited resources, the proprietor, François, is worried about the children, their lack of food, water and space and about the medical needs of some of the children.

When the volunteers saw the children for the first time, they appeared listless. The group had brought food with them, of which the children ate surprisingly large quantities. It was clear that the children were very hungry.

The volunteers visited other orphanages where conditions were much better for the children, including a school in the mountains and an orphanage by the sea. They adapted their play therapy to the numbers and ages of children in each place they visited.

Upon returning home, the volunteers felt that they had to do more to help the children at “Johnny’s orphanage,” in particular, as they were clearly the neediest, believing it to be a matter of survival for the children. In response, the volunteers sent requests to friends, family and past volunteers to sponsor these children. Within twenty-four hours, people had pledged over $3,200, enough to feed the children for nine months, exceeding the original goal of $2,250.
Headwaters Relief Organization is able to ensure that 100% of these funds will go to feeding these children, thanks to ACTS World Relief Organization, who also made the group’s trip possible. The volunteers are grateful for all that the ACTS team did for them. In addition to lodging, food and transportation, the ACTS team coordinated and acted as guides for the volunteers’ visits to the seven orphanages. The volunteers were fortunate to have David Canther, the director and founder of ACTS World Relief, on site during their stay. David, Andy and our Haitian interpreters enriched the experience with the wealth of their knowledge and experience.

While Haiti is a beautiful country, the devastation and poverty are overwhelming. It was a privilege to travel to Haiti to provide support. The Headwaters Relief Organization volunteers are grateful to all those who made it possible for them to make the trip.

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Headwaters Relief Organization Haiti Volunteers
Leota Bemis, David Comb, Alicia Corbett, Emily Ford, Gina Guggisberg, Mike Hardy, Jason Hoffrogge, Kirstin Kone, Natasha Moss, Jean Junior Nelson (Interpreter), Patty Smith, Rebecca Thomley, Cheryl Vennerstrom