Orion Associates received a Psychologically Healthy Workplace, Best Practices Honor, from the American Psychological Association for its “Leaders in Service” program in March.  Our “Leader in Service” program is intended to remind us all and to promote our organization’s culture of service … to our clients, our employees and to the community.  The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards are intended to recognize organizations for their efforts to foster employee health and well-being while enhancing organizational performance.  The Best Practices Honors focus on a single program or policy that stands out for facilitating a psychologically healthy workplace.  Special attention is given to workplace practices that are designed and implemented in a way that creatively meets the specific needs of an organization and its employees.  Nominees for the Best Practices Honor come from the pool of previous local winners and are selected through a competitive evaluation and judging process.  In recognition of Orion Associates, the following statement was issued by the American Psychological Association at its awards ceremony, on March 10th, in Washington, DC.