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Headwaters Relief founder Dr. Rebecca Thomley was recently profiled on The Story Exchange site. Here’s an excerpt from that profile.  For your convenience, a link to the full article is provided below.

Dr. Rebecca S. Hage Thomley, Orion Associates

Reason for starting
It was not a planned start but I fell in love with the opportunities and challenges of running a business. The more we grew, the more and diverse business we explored. There is nothing like the creativity owning your own business allows for.

How do you define success?
I believe that a truly successful organization is one that is not only successful in its line of business, but is also successful as a contributor to the community and the world. We chose to be that kind of business and are committed to creating a world of hope. I also believe that business success must be defined by how you interact in others, particularly in your choice to respect, support and mentor those with whom you work.

For the rest of Dr. Thomley’s profile, please visit The Story Exchange website here