The Children of Dina’s Orphanage (Compassion Attentive aux Orphelins D Haiti)

Headwaters Relief Organization will be making our next trip to Haiti from April 11th through April 16th. Since 2010, we have been assisting several orphanages and schools with food, clothing and school supplies. We have also provided mental health support and education to the children and their caregivers. We are thrilled to include new volunteers this time that bring skills that will allow us to accomplish new projects and expand our efforts.

For the first time we have a physician traveling with us on this trip. We plan to hold medical clinics at the orphanages and schools for the children and community members. We will have basic supplies with which to treat the children.

As we have done in the past we will be purchasing and delivering food to the two orphanages that we have sponsored.  We will also bring much needed clothing for the orphanages’ children.  In addition, we will be teaching the children the good technique for washing their hands and brushing their teeth. Simple skills such as these can mean the difference between sickness and health.  As always, we will work with the children, teaching therapeutic skills through play.

A trip like this requires significantly more resources than those we have planned in the past. We are actively seeking financial support or assistance with purchasing supplies. All donations will go directly to support these activities. We have several success stories. One of our staff obtained hundreds of donated toothbrushes and toothpaste from several area dentists. Another volunteer generated $750 from a presentation and fundraising at his high school. If individuals want to donate select items instead, the list of needed donated items is as follows:

  1. Medical supplies-we need funds for supplies or if you have connections to obtain medical supplies we have a list.
  2. Children’s clothing-we need new clothes for the kids. Typically we take one set of clothes for each child.
  3. Balls-we have a request for balls for the children-soccer balls for example-we can deflate them or other balls we can pack.
  4. Eye glasses-we have a request for “readers.”
  5. Nutritional snacks-protein bars for example. Wherever we go we take snacks for the kids and the caregivers. They are always hungry.

Sponsor an orphan in Haiti, visit our donation page and schedule a monthly donation, 100% of donations go directly towards relief efforts.

Feed a child for 1 month: $20
Feed and provide clothing for 1 month: $25
Feed, provide clothing and medical care for 1 month: $30

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