This week we are remembering the 24 who died, and the hundreds more affected by the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma a year ago.  For the past 12 months I have remembered the scene upon arriving as a volunteer for Headwaters Relief and it is something I will truly never forget.

At the first home, where we helped remove debris, the homeowner was there for a short time. You could see her sadness as we removed items from her family home.  I had the opportunity to talk with her about her home and her plans for the future.

As the team from Headwaters Relief worked,  we could see the strength not only of individual homeowners, but of the entire Moore community. The one year anniversary on May 20, 2014 has been a painful reminder of the emotional and physical damage that disasters bring.  But it is also a beautiful reminder of how a community banded together can overcome great challenges.

“Our feet may leave but our hearts never will.”

– Ashley Emry, Headwaters Relief Organization volunteer 

Ashley hard at work in Moore, Okla

Ashley hard at work in Moore, Okla