Headwaters Relief volunteers traveled to Haiti the week of July 13th to bring school supplies, clothing and other items to the schools and orphanages we have been assisting since the 2010 earthquake. Volunteers joining us on this trip came from Louisiana, Washington DC, Wisconsin and Maine in addition to the Minnesota volunteers. This summer, as we have for three previous years, Headwaters collected donated school supplies and delivered them to two schools including Pastor Elysse’s school, which is the school for which we “raised the roof” with TDB Builders’ volunteers in April.

While in Haiti, we purchased food for two orphanages and bought school books and material for uniforms for one of the schools. We also took copies of our book: When Haiti Shakes to the Ministry of Education for use in their literacy campaign. When Haiti Shakes is a children’s book created by Headwaters Relief Organization volunteers to help children understand earthquakes and teach them what to do if an earthquake occurs. Our therapeutic activities with the children this time included reading When Haiti Shakes.  In April of this year we began offering free medical care through Headwaters; we continued this effort during our most recent trip. Our physician volunteer, Dr. Paul Schonbrun, spent long hours seeing children and older adults from the community surrounding the schools. He also treated children at one of the orphanages. One child was in danger of losing her life without Dr. Paul’s medical intervention. Many people in Haiti do not receive any medical care because they can’t afford it or they lack access. Dr. Schonbrun was assisted by the interpreters who regularly travel with our group.

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