The Ebola outbreak in West Africa infected 28,000 people and caused over 11,000 deaths. This was the first time Ebola appeared in the region and quickly reached epidemic proportions.

Headwaters Relief Organization’s youth volunteer writers and artists created the children’s book “When the Great Sickness Came.” The book is designed to explore the emotions and family losses many children experienced related to the Ebola outbreak. A teachers/caregivers guide offers techniques to help children with understanding the virus and coping with loss. It also provides suggestions for children to maintain their physical and emotional health. It is currently being distributed to children in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia through partnerships with other non-profits including Salesian Mission, Healey International Relief Foundation and Brother’s Brother Foundation. This book was also done in consultation with individuals native to these countries.

Our childrens books are made from special paper that is durable and tear-resistant so they can be shared with as many people as possible, this also makes them expensive to produce. Please consider making a donation to help us continue improving the lives of countless people.