In August 2014 a large storm swept across Michigan and set state rainfall records. Sewers overflowed, unable to handle the volume of water and over 100,000 homes were damaged from flooding in Detroit.

Partnering with All Hands Volunteers, Headwaters Relief sent teams of volunteers to help in October and again in November to help clean mold and water damage from the thousands of homes that still have people living in them.

During the first trip 6 volunteers traveled to Detroit from Oct. 23rd – 26th. They helped repair damage in 5 houses, sorting through personal belongings, tearing out drywall and scrubbing mold with bleach.

4 Headwaters volunteers returned again to help clean up damage from flooding in Detroit from Nov 29th – December 2nd. During the return trip the group cleaned 5 houses, including one that a disabled veteran lived in with major mold damage.

View photos from our October trip and our November trip.