Headwaters Relief Organization’s volunteers continued their work in psychosocial support and training in Greek refugee camps. As this humanitarian crisis continues to escalate, Headwaters is making an important contribution.

Volunteers traveled to the Greek island of Lesbos. Located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, Lesbos is a short distance from Turkey and is one of several Greek islands where hundreds of refugees arrive every day. There, volunteers spent time at several settlements. Among them was a community called Pikpa. This is an autonomous community run by volunteers and built on the principle of solidarity. It provides shelter and support for some of the most vulnerable refugees, including people who are disabled, sick, pregnant and the families of victims of shipwrecks.

Headwaters volunteers also returned to the Oinofyta Refugee Camp north of Athens where they continued their work in supporting children and families of that community. Do Your Part, a grassroots organization that manages the camp, has completed construction that provides families the opportunity to move out of tents and into individual housing units. The camp is operated through a partnership between Do Your Part, the Greek government and Adventist Help with support from other NGOs.

Headwaters team members also provided psychological first aid training for women at Melissa, a program promoting empowerment, communication and active citizenship.