We received this letter today from one of the schools we visited during our recent trip to Sierra Leone   

Hello, Dr. Thomley and the Headwaters’ Team.

Greetings from The Anerdan School in Allen Town, Freetown, Sierra Leone. I write to express heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Caritas Freetown, Healey Foundation, and the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation for the thoughtful good intentions of leading your organization to visit The Anerdan School. I also write to express thanks and appreciation to you and your entire delegation of the Headwaters Relief Organization for the time you took from your busy schedule to visit us and the memorable time you spent with us. Indeed, we are grateful and would like to inform you that our kids enjoyed every single minute of your stay with us.

We also further want to thank you for sharing copies of your book on Ebola which we had long received through the efforts of Healey Foundation and Caritas Freetown. This means that The Anerdan School had long benefited from your organization even before the arrival of your delegation of which we are very happy. The book QUAND VENIR LA MALATTIA [When the Great Sickness Came], based on the outbreak of Ebola, contributed in no small measure to the psychosocial intervention activities in the school. [This is important because] our school has the highest number of Ebola orphans in Eastern Freetown. The Anerdan School is a community school not supported by the government; but together with Caritas Freetown, Healey and Tzu Chi Foundations, the school has provided much support to children affected by Ebola.  Our school was founded to provide valuable education to orphans and vulnerable children who do not go to school as well as children whose parents cannot afford the expensive education. 

See more memorable photos which our school cannot forget because this visit has added value to what we as a resilient community are already doing HERE.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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