Headwaters’ most recent trip to Haiti included a public health outreach initiative in the country’s southern region, undertaken with the support of the Ministry of Education. Traveling out from Port-au-Prince, team members distributed printed public health guides (donated by KNOCK Inc.) and lead presentations to caregivers and young people about prevention strategies against vector-borne illnesses including Zika, malaria and Dengue fever. The outreach also provided information about protections against cholera, including instructions on personal hygiene and hand-washing. The initiative was also a chance to share Headwaters’ book When Haiti Shakes, part of our public health program informing children about earthquakes and how to be safe should another occur. 

Headwaters’ volunteer medical staff lead health checks of children at partner orphanages and schools as well as Ecole Frere Francois in Pernier. The team also conducted its medical and public health outreach for children at Mexny’s Orphanage.

In addition to proving this public health education and medical support, researchers began a follow-up study to one completed five years ago and published in the journal Traumatology. The previous study compared the impact of trauma after the 2010 Haiti earthquake on urban versus rural children.

Time was also spent at New Grace School where sponsors are supporting 33 students. At Life Christian Orphanage, another Haiti: One Child at a Time* sponsorship partner, the team brought clothes, food, and school supplies – along with parts to ensure that the “Green Machine” scooters generously donated by the Trinity Guild of Anoka, Minn. were fully functional. The trip was also a chance to support Papillon, an organization producing artwork and crafts created by mothers and fathers committed to keeping their children out of orphanages.

*Headwaters’ Haiti: One Child at a Time links caring sponsors with students and orphans. If you would like to change the life of a child in need for as little as $1 a day, contact Doug Nathan at dnathan@headwatersrelief.org or 612-229-6227.

View photos of the Headwaters work in Haiti HERE.