Headwaters was recognized for contributions to Puerto Rico’s recovery post hurricane Maria.

Headwaters went to Puerto Rico as part of a team of first responders after Hurricane Maria in October 2017. There were no lights and no water in Puerto Rico at that time and in many parts of Puerto Rico for many months thereafter. During the initial trip to Puerto Rico, volunteers met with local hospitals and government officials, providing assessments and recommendations. We also provided an orphanage for girls with a cash donation from generous Minnesotans who wanted to support the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. The donation went towards rebuilding the roof of the home.

A second trip to Puerto Rico was made and included the introduction of Headwaters’ children’s book, The Savage Wind. The story assists children with processing their experiences with the hurricane. The book teaches and encourages coping techniques and builds resiliency in children and their communities. Teachers, caregivers and parents are provided with training and a caregiver guide to assist them with using the book with the children. We met with the Health Department, FEMA, various government officials, university personnel as well as representatives of the local mental health facilities and the correctional system.

In September 2018, our volunteers provided psychosocial training to FEMA, the government and largest private service provider: The Office of Quality of Administration of Health Services and Against Addiction (ASSMCA) and APS HEALTH respectively. Another group was comprised of 46 participants strategically chosen from 21 different disciplines to represent the island geographically.

Headwaters was recently presented with an award for contributions to Puerto Rico’s recovery post hurricane Maria. The Medical Reserve Corp and the Department of Health of Puerto Rico presented Dr. Rebecca Thomley and Dr. Roshan Khatri an award for “Teamwork, Key Piece for Success”, April 2019.