12th Annual IWEC Foundation Conference

Rebecca Thomley, CEO of Orion Associates, Headwaters Relief Organization and related entities is a 2019 recipient of International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Award!

IWE connects women businesses globally, leading the way to innovation and integration. IWEC has a strong, long history of women who have established large enterprises or launched immensely successful careers. Women who are working in traditional and nontraditional trades and making up 30% of the labor force in software industry.

One of the IWEC Foundations tenets is to connect women globally by connecting with one another and discussing novel ways to transform our business and commerce so that we can guarantee that women are integrated into global workforce, into leading industries, seated in board rooms and helping direct the future in the world.

IWEC remains deeply committed to driving female entrepreneurship through global networking and promotion of gender equality.
We are honored to be a part of this amazing community.