Asha “आशा” (Hope)


Little girl’s families in Nepal and India can’t all afford to give them dolls of their own. The few dolls that are traditionally available reflect western stereotypes- blond and blue-eyed dolls. We are creating a doll with support from Positively Perfect that looks like little girls in these countries. These dolls will be taken by Headwaters to Nepal and India as part of an educational campaign that focuses on empowerment and supporting girls to continue their education.

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Any purchase or bid over $25 will be used toward the donation of additional dolls to children in need.

How Dolls That Look Like Children Can Help Them

  • They affirm that the way the child looks is normal and beautiful and they can be successful in whatever they want to do.
  • A child’s self-esteem has a big impact on how children navigate their world and the actions they take. The understanding that their individual differences from the color of their skin to the color of their hair should be embraced and celebrated supports the development of healthy self-esteem.
  • They help the child develop a healthy self-image and become more imaginative about their future aspirations.
  • They assist the child to negotiate their cultural and racial identity and provide role models that look like them.

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