Golden Valley volunteers join international response to Nepal earthquakes

Headwaters Relief Organization to offer support to the people of Nepal


Golden Valley, Minn.  Headwaters Relief Organization will be sending a team of volunteers to join a group of national organizations providing first response to Nepal where recent earthquakes jolted the country on April 25th and May 12th. Joining volunteer teams of medical professionals and disaster responders from throughout the U.S., Headwaters’ is part of a coordinated response directly involved in recovery efforts currently underway.

The Headwaters team will be providing training and support for early responders as well children and adults in the communities affected. More than 8,000 people have been killed in the recent earthquakes and many thousands still missing in this poor and mountainous country where entire villages have been flattened, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

“Tuesday’s earthquake was a severe blow to the people of Nepal and northern India. The added physical destruction has made a bad situation even worse,” says Dr. Thomley. “In addition to being a setback to relief efforts underway, including new landslides that have blocked roads to isolated villages, it has brought a new wave of fear.”

Headwaters volunteers are joining GR3, an organization of national first response teams, with an overall aim to provide support for families in Nepal. GR3 provides disaster relief services and humanitarian aid in the U.S. and abroad, providing resources for both rapid emergency response and post-disaster community re-building.

“Responding quickly and effectively to natural disasters like the one in Nepal requires specific expertise and a high level of coordination of volunteer human resources,” says Thomley.

Headwaters Relief Organization rallies volunteers to support the emotional and housing rehabilitation needs of families and communities ravaged by disaster. Responding to communities facing disaster clean up and recovery, locally, nationally and internationally, Headwaters’ mission is to react with agility and compassion when disasters strike through practical aid, physical recovery assistance and mental health support to victims.

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