African Doll Ornaments (Sold Separately)


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Bright color assorted sewn doll ornaments feature women in various poses. They are fastened with a gold string for hanging them on windows or trees. Sold Separately.

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Dimensions 6 × 2 in
African Doll

Baby-wearing Woman with Drum Ornament, Dancing Woman with Baby Ornament, Pregnant Woman Carrying Bundle Ornament, Woman with Purple Bundle Ornament, Woman Carrying Wood Bundle Ornament, Woman Drumming Ornament, Woman Grinding Corn (Red & Black Dress) Ornament, Baby-wearing Woman Grinding Corn Ornament, Woman Holding Drum Ornament, Baby-wearing Woman Holding Bundle Ornament, Woman Grinding Corn (Orange & Red Dress) Ornament, Protective Mother Ornament, Woman with Shekere Ornament


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